How to gain currency in Garene free fire

You cannot imagine a game without any currency. All the challenges of the game depend on currency and other rewards. Garene free fire mobile game is survival game and you can get the currency in the form of coins. The currency of the game pushes you forward. Resources are essential for life so we can say it is an important factor of the game. At the beginning of the game, it may be confusing for you to how you can use currency and use effectively.

Get coins by killing enemies

When you login first time, then the game provides you various type of things like one beg, tools, medical kit, and also some coins. The game is survival based so everyone trying to kill all 49 players. So when you kill anyone of them, you get some tools and coins from his beg. This is an effortless way of earning coins. Another way to collect coins with Garena free fire diamond hack and this not take any extra account information from you.

 Roaming in islands

Garena free fire has an island with various types of the area like a forest, snow lands, some of the buildings. You can hide in a strange building along with you get some treasures with coins and diamonds. Roaming in island gives you some new advantage for battle, and you can find some of the guns of any eliminated player of the game.

By other social activity

In which you can get some rewards and coins just sharing the game and part of promotions give you some free diamonds and coins. The game also provides voice cheat feature so you can borrow some of the coins with your team player. Collect some currency by watching promotion videos of the game. Some also update available for you so you can update your game with rewards. Free coins also available on Garena free fire cheat.