Trending computer news topics all technology enthusiasts should be aware of

The computer has taken over the earth in a blink of an eye. The rapid expansion of computer technologies is undoubtedly not imaginable. Every day a new technology is coming up with better technology and computing ability. To cope up with the technologies isn’t an easy task.

Technologies are the real thrill for a lot of people. The more they know about technologies the greater their hunger to know more increases. There have been some innovation and discovery that do make the eyes and mind be dropped down in amazement. To have an update on such technologies or ideas is something if not done then would be a shame for enthusiasts. Here are some of the trends that make the world go mad.

Artificial intelligence

AI and machine learning is a phase, which is something, that is making the world go crazy. Natural intelligence is biological and there have been several types of research that are indented to replicate to artificial intelligence. Major IT companies like Google, Facebook, and IBM have already incorporated several dollars in its research.

However, the concept of artificial intelligence has always been a topic of debate. Some of the tech giants like Facebook believe the AI to be changing the world in a good way. One the other hand companies like Tesla believes that AI could lead to the extinction of humanity itself. Several companies are trying to get the best out of artificial intelligence with the least number of errors.

Big data

Data has been the new currency. The more the data you have the more rich you can turn out to be. The recent world is working on data and every single day the quality of it is changing in billions. Hence it has been important to analyze the huge volume of data which isn’t a simple task. Jobs in these areas have also increased significantly. Data analytics has also been an integral part of every developing company. Hence one should have all the recent details in the field of data analytics.


This is the digital age where everything is available on the internet. One of the greatest competition or risk that this world faces is security. For every company and people, security is the first preference. Cyberwarfare is the latest topic where countries are finding any longer fighting with arms but with exploiting each other security. One of the notable cyber warfare was between the USA and Russia where the USA disconnected the whole internet of Russia for several hours. In recent times to update oneself with the breakthrough of security and to secure your computer to the best way possible.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a technology that can alter the whole way of how traditional computers work. These computers can do calculations 10 times faster and it can unleash many secrets of the universe.


The more you know about the latest trends the better will you be aware of how the world is being controlled by the technologies! The latest advancement in technologies is intriguing if you really think about it.